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El Camino de Santiago, or the Way of Saint James, is one of the oldest and most popular of all spiritual pilgrimages, undertaken by over 200,000 people every year. Many of these pilgrims undergo a Rebirth Renovatio on the path from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela, which is often considered metaphorical for the journey from cradle to grave. It is against this backdrop that the conceptual documentary “Looking for Infinity: El Camino” was born.


Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have aspired to comprehend the experience of being alive. The yearning for this understanding has manifested itself in many forms throughout the millennia, one of them being the pilgrimage.


Long distance trekking affords people the freedom to escape the framework of their everyday lives and to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. With the ever intensifying relationship between humanity and technology, we are deprived of the sense of connection that we need to be healthy and happy. In an age characterised by illnesses of the mind, there is a need for new frameworks, better able to provide sanctuary for the human soul.


The film offers an intimate and fascinating insight into the pilgrim’s journey, seeking to probe some of the timeless questions confronting humanity. The journey starts with the first step on a path of over five hundred miles; walking, sleeping, eating; life once again becomes simplified to its essential nature.

When: Friday 7th July at 6:30pm

Tickets only $12.50

Director:  Aaron C. Leaman

Rating: G

About author Claude Tranchant


"I am a Brisbane woman who at the age of 64 covered, on foot, alone, approximately, 2,500 kilometres, with a 14 kg backpack through France and Spain, along the St James' Way commonly known in Spain as the 'Camino' and I lived 100 days to the rhythm of my footsteps though I had never trekked before.


I started my journey from Vezelay - Burgundy region - Northern Central - France and I finished it at Muxia - North-West of Galicia. I was known along ‘The Way’ as ‘Claude the Australian’ and I had unbelievable encounters with people. At the end of my journey, I discovered who I really was and when I returned I was free, strong, determined human being. I had learnt a lot about the human spirit, the power of being and to live in the moment.


On my return, I asked to write a book about my journey. 6 December 2012, I launched Boots to Bliss. Since in its first publication: Boots to Bliss has been among the Best Sellers in Brisbane and in Australia. I recently printed the 7th run. Boots to Bliss is printed in Brisbane.


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