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Hello everyone.

Our struggle to obtain approval to keep the Theatre and extend continues unabated. Our grateful thanks to everyone who attended the Land & Environment Court Section 34 meeting in the Surf Club in June.


Since then we have been busy in conciliation. Because of this we have not been able to communicate anything to you and for that we apologise. That part of the process is now complete and we can bring you some news.


As a result of the conciliation process, we have amended our proposal and it is now lodged. Many of you would have received notification from Central Coast Council about our amendments

and a request for further submissions.


The amendments result in a structure largely in the same form as our proposal has always been. However, we had previously included a small underground cinema – this has been removed.

Also the Gallery space for charity events upstairs has been removed.


These two deletions make us sad as they contributed to the heart of our proposal. But the essence continues and we remain full of hope that we will gain an approval.


Our plans presently include three additional small cinemas and five units behind the Theatre on Vine Street.


One of the critical issues is that Council has not completed Flood Mitigation works in South End Park. This impacts not only our proposal to extend and keep the Theatre but also may compromise the future implementation of the Avoca Foreshore Masterplan.

The whole Avoca Beach community is affected.


The proceedings have been listed for hearing at the Land & Environment Court of NSW 21 February to 24 February 2017.

We are informed that the hearing may commence on-site at Avoca Beach but we will not receive confirmation of this until possibly 2 weeks prior to the hearing date.


We ask that you continue to support us in this ongoing struggle. Please complete the form on this page and it will be sent to Central Coast Council.


We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the Theatre for many years to come.

Norman & Beth Hunter


To download and see the extensions in detail scroll to the bottom of this page

We’ve been involved in a long process seeking Council approval for our extension.


We are extremely pleased that the Land & Environment Court has given its consent to the development, and no doubt Central Coast Council

are also pleased that the legal proceedings are resolved.


We respect the views of the Council & voices on both sides of the debate.


We now want to get about making this development the very best for our community.







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