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Friday 16th June 2017 at 7:30pm

Early Bird tickets $59


Drama, pathos, adventure and tragedy take form in a rare performance of Richard Strauss’ famous melodrama.


John Bell powerfully presents Alfred Lord Tennyson’s story poem Enoch Arden in a rare performance of Richard Strauss’s melodramatic setting for piano and actor. One of Australian theatre’s most illustrious figures, John Bell has assisted in the

development of our nation’s rich artistic culture, as founder of Bell Shakespeare and as actor and director.



Simon Tedeschi is a much loved pianist renowned as a storyteller in music, most recently in his acclaimed recording of

Mussorgsky’s colourful Pictures at an

Exhibition, launched here at Avoca Theatre and his premiere performance of

Rachmaninoff’s 4th Piano Concerto.


Richard Strauss’s musical

accompaniment for Tennyson’s powerful long poem underlines the moments of drama, pathos, adventure and tragedy.


This rich, philosophical narrative inspired some of Strauss’s most intriguing music & was one of the composer’s biggest hits.


Enoch Arden is now a curiosity, awaiting the persuasive advocacy of artists such as John Bell and Simon Tedeschi, who will revive the art of the melodrama, with its fundamental meeting of word and music.

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