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About Salleh & Strazz


Exquisitely intimate performance of bossa nova, jazz, samba and more.

 Anna woos audiences with her vocal artistry and natural feel for the music of Rio de Janeiro, while Guy's guitar sings with dazzling virtuosity and a deeply expressive, almost romantic strain.


Beyond The Girl from Ipanema, come on a deeper journey into the heart of Brazilian music.


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Friday 8th September at 7pm

Tickets: $24.50

WELCOME to Avoca Beach Picture Theatre South American Night with exquisitely intimate performances of bossa nova,jazz, samba and more from Salleh & Strazz followed by the hilarious comedy film NERUDA

About the film


Rating: M


A glorious mix of history and imagination, NERUDA is the enthralling new film from multi award-winning director Pablo Larraín (No, Jackie), a lavishly mounted and grandly entertaining depiction of the manhunt for exiled Chilean poet and politician Pablo Neruda.


It’s 1948, and the Cold War has reached Chile. Following the President’s outlawing of communism, Neruda (played by Luis Gnecco, bearing a remarkable likeness) and his artist wife Delia (Mercedes Morán) are forced into hiding. Beloved by the populace, they slip underground and are pursued by incompetent, vainglorious police inspector Oscar Peluchonneau (the superb Gael García Bernal), hoping to make a name for himself by capturing the country’s most infamous fugitive.

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