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Beth’s Emporium began many years ago when people would visit the lovely Avoca Beach Picture Theatre which is owned and run by Norman and Beth Hunter. The foyer was decorated with stunning leadlight lamps which belonged to the family.


Visitors to the theatre would comment on their beauty and request to purchase these lamps, and so the journey of sourcing and selling unique, quality, beautiful pieces began. Beth has an incredible eye for beauty and each of the items chosen tells a story.


As the success of Beth’s Emporium increased the decision was made to branch out to a secondary location, and we are now located at the Coles end of Bateau Bay Shopping Centre, as well at the original site in Avoca.

Bateau Bay Store

12 Bay Village Rd, Bateau Bay NSW 2262

Within the Avoca Theatre

69, Avoca Drive, Avoca Beach  NSW 2251

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