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The challenges continue! Gosford Council has completed it’s advertising of our latest plans but has now embroiled us in another Heritage challenge.


The State Heritage Office placed an Interim Heritage Order on us in March 2015 apparently without having the intention of listing us on the State Register. They did not ever send out inspectors or make an assessment of us during this IHO. This IHO simply lapsed in March this year. We believe that all the letters of support from you made a difference.


However, we now find ourselves resisting Gosford Council’s attempts to Heritage List us locally. This is surprising as Gosford Council have a resolution on their books not to even consider us for Local Heritage Listing for 25 years from 2002. So this proposal has quite come out of the blue though we heard rumours late last year that something was happening.


Our proposal to expand the Theatre retains the existing Theatre and enables it to continue serving our community into the future. Yet the Council have rejected these plans.


A local heritage listing may perhaps offer protection for the concrete blocks making the Theatre but would not protect the operation of the Theatre. We are determined to protect the operation of the Theatre. The best way to do this is to enable our proposed extensions so that the Theatre may thrive.


A local heritage listing would impinge upon the running of the Theatre.

We would be forfeiting part of our control over our own building to a bureaucratic committee who may know nothing of running a Theatre.

At this point that could well be catastrophic.


So we ask that you once again gird up your loins and write to Gosford Council to OBJECT to their unfair and improper proposal to list

Avoca Beach Picture Theatre on their local heritage register.

You can do this on the form on this web page.


At the same time our appeals to Gosford Council to enable our proposed extensions are moving forward slowly and we hope that they will agree to approve the continuation of the Theatre into the future soon.


We continue to believe that this protracted process is drawing towards a conclusion, a happy conclusion. But the end is not yet and we have to keep letting Council know that this is important. And so we repeat that we are asking that you write once more to Gosford Council letting them know that the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre is worth saving and enabling into the future.


1. Please include your contact details (eg Name, address &/or email address)


2. Include your comments of OBJECTION to the Local Heritage Listing. (Council give much higher value to emails written by individuals rather than copied text. But your email doesn’t have to be long – just a sentence or two is fine.)


Norman & Beth and all at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre




We’ve been involved in a long process seeking Council approval for our extension.


We are extremely pleased that the Land & Environment Court has given its consent to the development, and no doubt Central Coast Council

are also pleased that the legal proceedings are resolved.


We respect the views of the Council & voices on both sides of the debate.


We now want to get about making this development the very best for our community.

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